New Morning Drink Has Coffee Executives in a Panic


Millenials are at it again. Always changing the established ways with their new technology and health trends. From smart phones and apps, to cross-fit and organics. Now they've decided to replace coffee as the de facto morning drink of choice...however this time, I like what they're on about, and I think you will too.

Coffee has been the go-to drink in the AM for as long as I can remember, and I'm quite old. But studies show that while you're sleeping, your body gets dehydrated and loses most of the nutrients you ate during the previous day. Essentially, your body is fasting for 8 hours every night.

And did you know that caffeine de-hydrates you too? The worst thing you can do for your body is drink coffee right when you wake up.

This is where the millenials and their new trend comes in. They've decided to replace coffee with greens...not just any greens, superfood green drinks. The most popular being a product called Athletic Greens.

They're feeding their body's exactly what their bodies want. And guess's working. Millenials look younger than baby boomers did at their age, and are less prone to diseases and cancers than baby boomers. I think we can learn something here.

Studies show that it's twice as effective to feed your body nutrients in the morning when it's more receptive, than it is later in the day. And millenials have figured this out.

They're not forsaking coffee, they're just saving their dark roasts for later in the day.

The most popular green drink among millenials is called Athletic Greens. You can order it online and it arrives in powder form. The reason it's so popular is because it's packed with 70+ organic superfoods and amino acids. You simply mix a tablespoon of the powder with your water and wa-lah, you have an alkalizing super drink ready to feed your dehydrated body.

When I decided to Google Athletic Greens, I came across a 50% off promotion link, which I quickly used to get this product half off. Not sure when it expires but I've hyperlinked it below for your use.


So far I've gone two weeks on this "Greens in the AM" trend, and I have to say I'm a believer. I feel healthier all around, and have my coffee in the afternoon. I get a nice buzz from the nutrient bath I give my body every morning, and find that I get through the morning without a headache. This time millenials, you got it right.